Pakistan: State-sponsored Sufism

After years of bemoaning official Saudi sponsorship of Wahhabism, and condemning official Iranian sponsorship of milleniarian Islam, we are now being asked to celebrate a state-sponsored brand of Islam in Pakistan. Not only is this unprincipled – it is going to backfire. [Read more…]

Sheikh Abdul Hakim Murad: An imam who can

The founder of the Cambridge Muslim College, Sheikh Abdul Hakim Murad, looks likely to create a positive, British culture among young followers of Islam. Too bad so few people know about him. [Read more…]

Inauguration day: Face to faith

Quite like the hajj – where wealthy Muslims discover their piety in five-star hotels while everyone else stays in a tent city – the inauguration also offers an insight into inequality. [Read more…]

US Elections: Why Muslims shouldn’t support Ron Paul

Muslim groups, mosques, activist communities and intellectuals should get off their Ron Paul kick and enter the reality-based community. [Read more…]

Catholic-Muslim relations: The Pope offers lessons for Islamic reform

The Pope is one of the few Western leaders who is recognized as legitimate by Muslims. If he would honestly discuss the the evolution of his views on Islam, Muslims would learn from it [Read more…]

Tariq Ramadan: The state of Islamic reform in the West

Consider, then, the irony: reformers which did not alienate the Muslim community were alienated by the media; reformers which did alienate the Muslim community were embraced by the media. [Read more…]