Muslim Movements: The death of “progressive Islam”

At the end of the day, all practicing Muslims turn to some kind of juridical authority. The fact that the Progressives did not have one to offer was a great cause of concern for me. [Read more…]

Occupation and Insurgency: Western Muslim opinion on the war in Iraq

We Western Muslims can oppose the American occupation, but we also have to oppose the way the insurgents are brutalizing and defiling life and human dignity. [Read more…]

Novel "Master of the Jinn": An unearthly Sufi novel

Irving Karchmar’s debut Sufi novel, “Master of the Jinn”, heralds the arrival of a fresh literary voice to Islam and America. It also signals the revival of Sufism. [Read more…]

Musical Artists Niyaz: The Sufi electronica of Niyaz: Music to smash idols

In the Sufi-inspired music of Niyaz, the serenity of Islamic mysticism exists even if the words were to disappear and only the voice were to remain. [Read more…]