Ramadan is Not Just About What You’re (Not) Eating, It’s About What’s Eating You

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By Hanna Ali Now more than ever, as we drift even further into a gadget-obsessed world of self-indulgence and so called “first world problems,” Ramadan becomes even more important in more ways than one. Let’s face it, the world is becoming an increasingly aggressive place where people either believe more than ever or less than [Read More...]

Muslim Women Make History at London Olympics

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By Nadia S. Mohammad Though it has just begun, the London Olympics already holds a series of historic firsts, especially for Muslims and women around the world. To begin with, the organizers aim to make the London Olympics the first “green games,” developed with the goal of   environmentally friendly and sustainable construction. Muslim women have held pivotal roles in bringing this goal [Read More...]

This Fourth of July, Celebrate Outside of the American Muslim Sphere


By Khurram Dara The last year or two has been a bumpy road for American Muslims. From the Loews advertising fiasco with TLC’s “All-American Muslim,” to the never-ending Murfreesboro mosque protests, to the NYPD surveillance program, it has become apparent that as one controversy cools down, another comes up along the way. Right now, we’re [Read More...]

Action Alert – Follow Friday #ThankYou Campaign on Twitter for NYPD Lawsuit

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By Fatemeh Fakhraie Wednesday, Muslim Advocates launched Hassan v. The City of New York, a lawsuit seeking to prove that the New York City Police Department’s surveillance of Muslims in New Jersey is unconstitutional. Several lawmakers have also petitioned the Department of Justice to launch an investigation into FBI violations of constitutionally-protected rights of American [Read More...]

The Golden Calf of Motherhood

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By Susan Carland There probably isn’t a Muslim alive that hasn’t heard the hadith, ‘paradise lies at your mother’s feet.’ Muslims are quite proud of this, as well as many other prophetic traditions and Qur’anic verses that champion motherhood. Indeed, it seems to be unquestioned that being a mother is a blessed and strongly endorsed [Read More...]

‘Homeland,’ Islam and the Battle Within


By Daniel Tutt When television portrays the war on terrorism, more than 67 percent of the time, the enemy is white, according to a recent study by the Norman Lear Center at USC. At first glance this seems odd. Isn’t the war on terror a war against extremist Muslims? Aren’t Muslims mostly brown-skinned? The war [Read More...]