Revolution in Tunisia: 10 lessons from our Tunisian brothers & sisters

The Tunisians, in shaking off a long-standing dictator on January 21, 2011, have inspired the downtrodden and hopeless well beyond their borders. The photograph above shows Egyptians applying the Tunisian lessons, just one week later. We can learn a lot from their experiences. [Read more...]

Free speech: A defense of free speech by Muslim Americans

A group of us felt strongly enough about the situation of cartoonist Molly Norris to issue a statement in defense of free speech, which Ms. Norris has been made aware of and is grateful for. [Read more...]

Beauty pageants: How Miss USA will push the secret Muslim agenda

A leaked memo confirms a nefarious plot to infiltrate America using the one weapon we can’t resist: Total hotness. [Read more...]

Satire: South Park: The controversy continues

In a special for, our Associate Editor Wajahat Ali offers his take on the controversy over South Park. If you think South Park’s Muslim brouhaha was messy, you should see what’s going on in the neighboring town of East Park. [Read more...]

Journalism: The final blow to IslamOnline

With the removal of Sheikh Yusuf Qaradawi from the post on the NGO that funds IslamOnline by the Qatar Government, the future of IslamOnline looks bleak. With hundreds of writers and editors having been forced to resign, it is a severe blow to the integrity of journalism in the Muslim world. [Read more...]

Panel discussion: Our look at new media and the Muslim world

On Tuesday, March 9, 2010, the UC Berkeley Centers of South Asia, Southeast Asia and the Middle East along with Arab Cultural and Community Center,, Center for Islamic Studies at GTU, and will be sponsoring a forum on how Muslim youth use new media. Join us! [Read more...]