Islamophobia is Only One Chapter in the Muslim-Western Story


By Muqtedar Khan ISTANBUL – It concerns me that Islamophobia, an irrational fear of Islam and animosity toward Muslims, is becoming a dominant paradigm through which all Western-Muslim relations are now being explored. A conglomerate of five Universities, led by Yildiz Technical University and the municipality of Beykoz province in Istanbul Turkey, organised an international [Read More...]

Reading with Maryam – Discovering Muslim Children’s Books that Delight and Inspire

Shirin and Maryam

By Shirin Sinnar Some time ago, I complained to a friend that there were few good children’s books on Muslims or Islamic themes. I’m an American-born Muslim woman, and I was looking for books to share with my older daughter Maryam, then three. I wanted lively, upbeat bedtime books that would introduce her to our [Read More...]

Pamela K. Taylor’s Friday Khutbah – God is Love, and Love is Never Wasted


Muslims for Progressive Values (MPV) is an organization founded on 10 principles “rooted in Islam,” according to its website. MPV accepts all Muslims who identify as such, and believes in equality for all, regardless of race, gender, sex, ethnicity, nationality, creed, sexual orientation or ability. MPV supports “MPV Unity Mosques” in the United States and [Read More...]

Hanging with The Muslims


By Steven Scholl On Labor Day weekend, I spent four days hanging out with 15,000 Muslims at the Islamic Society of North America’s 49th annual convention in Washington, D.C. As one of the few non-Muslims in attendance, I was able to eavesdrop on hundreds of conversations swirling around me, take in several talks by prominent [Read More...]

You Can’t Complain if You Don’t Vote – Get Out and Vote

vote cartoon

Election 2012 – American Muslims VOTE! By Hussein Rashid The first time I was eligible to vote was when Bill Clinton was running for president for the first time in 1992. I was so excited. In high school, I had great social studies teachers who really instilled the power of civic participation in me. I [Read More...]

An Attack on a House of Worship is an Attack on All Houses of Worship

Imam Lahmuddin

By Jilllian Holzbauer Islamophobia has become a prominent buzzword in the realm of political rhetoric. Some see it as the pinnacle of a climate of discrimination in America; others view it as a smear tactic to inhibit free speech. But what is the real pulse of our great nation when it comes to that delicate [Read More...]