We are Strongest When We Refuse to be Divided

By Asma Uddin and Rabbi Jack Moline What is the purpose of terror attacks against civilians, like what we saw recently in New York, Minnesota and New Jersey? They don’t just aim to harm innocent life, they also aim to inflict spiritual harm against our nation as a whole. They seek to weaken us, provoke [Read More…]

Not Losing My Hijab

By Sarah Farrukh By the grace of God, I met the end of 2012 in a state of blissful contentment. However, this didn’t come without struggle. I was reminded of a particular difficulty I experienced when I was cleaning out my inbox and I came across an unsent email. My heart felt heavy at the [Read More…]

Perceptions of Islam: What’s behind negative characterizations of Muslims?

American Muslims are making authentic efforts to interweave their religious beliefs with American culture, but these efforts are undermined by broad-brush portrayals of all Muslims as either incapable of rational discourse or, worse, nothing more than the enemy. [Read more…]

Education: The other Islam controversy in NYC

The campaign for school holidays for Muslim students in New York City may actually be detrimental to religious freedom by creating an all or nothing conflict – either recognize all holidays or none – that is most likely to result in the recognition of none. [Read more…]

Religious liberty: How can we view Muslims as Americans?

The latest outbreaks of paranoia and anti-Muslim sentiment around the construction of new mosques, particularly the one proposed in lower Manhattan, is propelling American society down the same road it has traveled many times before, to its own detriment. [Read more…]

Pakistan's Facebook ban: Protecting the violent?

Pakistan’s recent censoring of Facebook in response to an “Everybody Draw Muhammed Day” campaign is deeply flawed, protecting the wrong party and providing the wrong incentives. It appeases, rather than controls, extremists and gives them license to react violently. [Read more…]