Indonesia: Overcoming fears of radicalism in MENA

The prospect of an Islamist takeover of democratic elections in Egypt and Tunisia may not be as likely as many think, if the experience of Indonesia is anything to go by. Encouraging Islamist political parties to participate in multiparty elections may promote coexistence rather than conflict. [Read more…]

Libya revolts: A convergence of interests and values

As Western military objectives align with Arab/Muslim public opinion in the case of Libya, there is an opportunity to examine ways to create a permanent positive change in relations. [Read more…]

Bahrain protests: Victim vs. victim

Migrant workers and the Shia community comprise two victimised populations in Bahrain; a new system that truly aims to be just and representative must not pitch them against each other. [Read more…]

Arab uprisings: A woman leading change in Yemen

Amidst the protest movement in Yemen challenging the 30-year rule of President Ali Abdullah Saleh is journalist and human rights activist Tawakkul Karman, a woman who challenges Western notions of Muslim women in a pre-(or post-)revolution Middle East. [Read more…]

Egypt protests: Was al-Qaeda’s obituary written in Tahrir Square?

As the wave of revolution continues to roll all across the Arab Middle East, the neo-Kharijite militants of Al Qaeda have been relatively silent, as political change coming about using peaceful, non-violent protest is Al Qaeda’s worst nightmare [Read more…]

The new Egypt: What role will the Brotherhood play?

Like it or not, Islamic political parties are part of the political fabric in many countries in the Middle East, and it is time we treat each Islamist group as an individual entity, rather than lump them all together as “radicals” and “terrorists.” [Read more…]