Fasting: Ramadan and God’s love

You can fake prayer: you can pray in front of other people so that they can say you pray. You can fake giving alms; you can fake going to Mecca. But you can’t fake fasting. And that is how we can show our love for God. [Read more…]

Gender segregation: On second thought…

Recent admissions by some clerics in Saudi Arabia that the monarchy’s strict gender segregation may have been the result of Qur’anic misinterpretations could help align that country more towards its moderate peers. But it also raises questions about the infallibility of past Islamic rulings. [Read more…]

Niqab: Cover up, your hatred is showing

Politicians in Europe should understand that freedom works both ways. If cartoonists are free to draw or insult the Prophet Muhammad, then Muslim women should be free to wear niqab if they choose to do so. [Read more…]

The Hutaree: Another man’s freedom fighter

It is much easier to see the “other” as being depraved enough to become a terrorist. With the arrest of nine Hutaree militiamen last week, we know that it is much more difficult to see it in white, Christian America. [Read more…]

Obituary: Remembering Sister Aminah Assilmi

Aminah Assilmi, who passed away last week in a tragic automobile accident, was a tireless advocate for Muslim women’s rights and equality within the framework of Islam itself. She was also a renown scholar, prolific writer, and well-known speaker who will be sadly missed. [Read more…]

Christmas: A Muslim Christmas greeting

I am very happy to wish my Christian friends and neighbors a hearty “Merry Christmas”, for, even though we see Jesus through different religious lenses, our love for Jesus is one. [Read more…]