Perspectives: Muslim westerners have built - and become - a bridge

Muslim westerners bring something else to the Muslim world – a more sophisticated understanding of the West as a whole, which as westerners they have as their birthright. That understanding is crucial if the Muslim world – West dialogue is ever to bear fruit. [Read more…]

Pluralism: Could old Islam build a new bridge to the West?

A new trend promises to heal the rift between the contemporary Muslim world and its past, while also establishing a sophisticated understanding between the Muslim world and the West. [Read more…]

Interfaith: Dialogue that can change the world

The Catholic–Muslim forum that the Pope has now inaugurated can be a mechanism through which such misunderstandings can be avoided and where constructive engagement can take place. [Read more…]

Interfaith: Finding sincerity in cross-religious dialogue

New initiatives in the interfaith community that draw in top-level scholars and leaders are transforming inter-religious discussion [Read more…]

Civic participation: Who speaks for European Muslims?

There is no single “face” to Islam in any European country, but a mosaic of “faces”. That makes government policy work in terms of engagement very difficult. [Read more…]

Apostasy: Obama’s lost religion

US presidential candidate Barack Obama would have to have embraced the religion of Islam himself in order to be considered a Muslim. He did not, and thus the notion of his alleged apostasy falls. [Read more…]