Author Imran Ahmed: An unimagined life

Associate editor Irfan Yusuf catches up with Unimagined author Imran Ahmad at the Sydney Writer’s Festival to discuss identity and the generation gap for a Muslim growing up in the West [Read more…]

Guantanamo Detentions: Winning few friends in the Muslim world

The mistreatment of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay continues to be a powerful recruiting argument used by anti-Western and anti-democratic forces in the Muslim world. [Read more…]

Book "Still Moments": Moments of clarity

Still Moments, a short memoir by Dr. Zighen Aym, thoughtfully explores the contrasts and commonalities between experiences in his native Algeria and his adopted America. [Read more…]

Former Indonesian President Suharto: The authoritarian liberator

The man who ruled over the world’s largest Islamic nation for over 30 years certainly was not perfect. But today Indonesians enjoy freedoms which their co-religionists elsewhere yearn for. [Read more…]

Looking for extremism: Fighting jihadists with inkjet printers

You don’t need dodgy receipts to prove dodgy books are sold by certain dodgy Muslims. Likewise, we have no need for dodgy conservative thinktanks using dodgy excuses to hide their dodgy sectarian prejudices. [Read more…]

Controversy in Sudan: Sudan’s ready teddy

After two decades of civil war, and having the largest population of internal refugees of any country on earth, you’d think Sudanese Muslims have far more pressing issues to worry about than the name of a teddy bear. [Read more…]