Remembering "Crazy" John Ilhan: Merging faith and business

For many Australians, coverage of “Crazy” John Ilhan’s funeral at a prominent mosque will be the first time they will learn that the man behind one of Australia’s most successful business brands was a practising Muslim. [Read more…]

Heroes of 9/11: Clearing Salman’s name

Six years after September 11, 2001, we would do well to remember a particular victim, one who was portrayed as a terrorist before his name was cleared. [Read more…]

India-Pakistan Partition: Lines on a map

Sixty years after the partition that created India and Pakistan, Irfan Yusuf explores why some of the barriers between nations never really kept people apart. [Read more…]

Rushdie Knighthood: Flippant thoughts on Sir Salman

Perhaps those Muslims who waste their time and energy banning books and threatening authors have finally realised this only makes these authors damned rich! [Read more…]

Author Mohsin Hamid: Reluctant fundamentalists and unrepentant Westerners

Mohsin Hamid, author of The Reluctant Fundamentalist recently visited Australia, and I was fortunate to have the chance of catching up with him to discuss the main character in his novel. [Read more…]

Islam in Australia: Animal Farm Islam

Clearly all Muslims are moderate, but some are more extremely moderate (or moderately extreme) than others. [Read more…]