Radio talk shows: Why Don Imus should move to Australia

A sensitivity against racism in the US has created a backlash against “shock jocks” such as Don Imus. The same racism against Lebanese and Middle Eastern minorities in Australia goes unpunished. [Read more…]

The Hilali affair: Has Mufti Day ended down under? (Part III)

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Professor Raphael Israeli: An Israeli Hilaly?

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Australia's Sheikh Hilaly: The sheik must go

Disparaging non-Muslim Australians as “convicts” was the latest in a string of inexplicable comments. Australia’s Sheik Hilaly must now surely resign or be sacked. [Read more…]

Holiday charity: Christmas and Eid thoughts among the cane toads

Muslims and Christians have a joint responsibility to ensure this message of hope and mercy is not lost. The message should remind us of our shared Abrahamic spiritual roots. [Read more…]

Sheikh Hilaly Controversy: Has Mufti Day ended down under? (Part II)

Irfan Yusuf provides a detailed background for the controversy surrounding Australian imam Tajeddine Hilaly, whose remarks about women have caused an uproar. [Read more…]