Malcolm X — The Paragon of Self-Transformation

 By Muqtedar Khan The month of February is celebrated as Black History Month in America. It is also during this month that Malcolm X, an African American Muslim minister and civil rights activist, died on February 21, 1965. His legacy is important for Muslims and non-Muslims alike – and one that has influenced many American [Read More…]

2011 Gallup Poll: American Muslims most tolerant in America

I hope that those Americans who are being misled by the so-called anti-sharia initiatives in the United States read this report. It casts serious doubts on the assertions that Muslims – members of America’s most tolerant religious community – aspire to impose their faith on others. [Read more…]

Libya uprising: Why intervention in Libya is justified

We cannot advocate democracy and look the other way as our close ally snuffs those fighting for democracy. The moral justification of our intervention in Libya will be compromised if we do not apply our values consistently. [Read more…]

Egypt protests: Change in Egypt will change the region

Egypt has long been the engine of Arab imagination, as well as its intellectual and political center, despite (or because of) its lack of petrodollars. As such, if Egypt becomes democratic, democracy will become the norm in the Arab world. [Read more…]

Tunisia turmoil: Dare we hope for democracy?

The Cedar Revolution in Lebanon (2005), the Lawyers’ and Judges’ Mutiny in Pakistan (2007), The Green Revolution in Iran (2009) and the current Tunisian uprising are all answers to the question: why won’t Muslims do something about the democracy deficit in their world? [Read more…]

WikiLeaks: Exposing the hypocrisy of Muslim governments

Perhaps lost in the embarrassment felt by the US government over leaked cables by the website WikiLeaks are revelations that Muslim nations – from Yemen to Afghanistan, Pakistan to Egypt – have been deceiving their own people about the their own policies. [Read more…]