Interfaith: Prophet Muhammad’s promise to Christians

There exists in the Sinai a document written by the Prophet of Islam that clearly lays out the responsibility Muslims have to protect the Christians that live in their midst. It is a potent reminder of our collective responsibility to look after our neighbors. [Read more…]

Interfaith: “He was the best of the Jews”

If Muslim Imams told the story of Rabbi Mukhayriq to their congregations in America and elsewhere, I am confident that it will contribute to manifestations of increased tolerance by Muslims towards others. [Read more…]

Islam and scholarship: Religion and the crisis of authority

Consumers of Islamic religious knowledge and opinions are so illiterate in these matters that they lack the ability to distinguish between genuine scholarship and demagoguery – with tragic and even comic results. [Read more…]

Foreign Policy: It’s time for action, President Obama

Most analysts in the Muslim World are not giving President Obama due credit for the changes he has brought to American foreign policy, waiting instead to see if he acts differently. But very soon, Obama will have to start delivering results. [Read more…]

Mideast Politics: One step forward, two steps backward

Both Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinajad are ensuring through their recent actions that the peaceful and just solution to the Arab-Israeli problem inspired by President Obama is harder to reach. [Read more…]

Pope Benedict XVI: The Pope meddles in the East

It is hard to predict what the Pope has accomplished on his pilgrimage to the Holy Land, which essentially used interfaith relations as a means to mediating international relations. But nevertheless, he spoke with sincerity and faith as he linked justice with peace. [Read more…]