Juan Williams: Clarity is missing in the debate on free speech

The firing of Juan Williams by NPR may not necessarily improve journalism because it only pushes harsh and insensitive opinion to the margins without addressing the root causes that led to them in the first place. [Read more…]

Park51: Looking for common ground in lower Manhattan

Now that the developers of the Muslim community center known as Park51 have secured their legal rights to continue development, what can we do to help heal the tensions that arose in its wake? [Read more…]

Patriotism: Thank those who serve our country

It is possible to be a good American and a good Muslim. More of one does not mean less of the other. Weaving American patriotic traditions into Muslim events will make this point loud and clear. [Read more…]

Jacksonville Human Rights Commission: When media acts responsibly

When University of North Florida professor Parvez Ahmed was nominated to the Jacksonville Human Rights Commission, local media and public officials did not succumb heavy pressure from a small but vocal group to reject him, demonstrating that responsible journalism and diligent public stewardship is alive and well. [Read more…]

Economics: Is Islamic finance a solution?

Islamic finance has a role to play in the world of finance. But to do so, innovations based on Shariah-arbitrage should be de-emphasized and a more holistic vision should be developed that will resonate with all people of conscience, not just Muslims. [Read more…]

Homegrown radicals: Complacency is not an option

The American Muslim community should not brush aside facts by either taking a defensive posture or by being apologetic. The better path is to conduct honest soul searching and enact proactive measures that can avoid such attention grabbing headlines in the first place. [Read more…]