Podcasts: altmuslim review 028

Where in the world is altmuslim? This month, we report on the halal industry from the World Halal Forum in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and from Milan, Italy where we speak to Italian Muslims about the challenges they face. [Read more…]

Podcasts: altmuslim review 027

This month, we have a special report from the US-Islamic World Forum in Doha, Qatar. Also, an interview with Dalia Mogahed, co-author of the forthcoming book “What a Billion Muslims Really Think” [Read more…]

Podcasts: altmuslim review 026

The US presidential race is in full swing and we discuss Muslim involvement in the campaigns and our attempts at a block vote. Also, a perspective from recently elected San Carlos city councilmember Omar Ahmad. [Read more…]

Podcasts: altmuslim review 025

We’re back with a conversation with Eboo Patel of the Interfaith Youth Corps about the challenges Muslims will be facing in the coming year. Also, a recap of what we were up to in 2007, and a promise for 2008. [Read more…]

Podcasts: altmuslim review 024

The word “Islamist” is thrown around a lot these days, and we make an attempt to dissect it. Also, we speak with Luqman Ali, director of the UK’s Khayaal Theatre Company, which explores Muslim themes in its performances. [Read more…]

Podcasts: altmuslim review 023

What exactly is the Muslim “fourth estate”, and why is it so important? Also, we suggest policies that can help align Western governments and their Muslim communities against homegrown extremism. [Read more…]