Podcasts: altmuslim review 022

Bringing you a personal account of the spiritual journey of a lifetime. Plus: the emerging stories of Muslims who fought fascism and helped to rescue Jews from the Holocaust. [Read more…]

Podcasts: altmuslim review 021

In this episode, we explore the expansion of Muslim artists into the mainstream. Plus, an interview with Yahya Birt, the new director of the UK’s newly expanded City Circle group. [Read more…]

Podcasts: altmuslim review 020

What does Ramadan mean to you? Also: Muslims getting blamed for what Muslims didn’t do, and a look at (inshallah) the first Muslim congressperson in the US. [Read more…]

Podcasts: altmuslim review 019

The ghosts of 9/11 are still with us, and we talk about what that means for Muslims in America. Also, a discussion on the Sunni/Shia divide with Zahir Janmohamed. [Read more…]

Podcasts: altmuslim review 018

In this podcast, we explore the world of Muslim schools in the West – it’s not your father’s madrassa. Also, a talk with Q-News editor Fareena Alam on the right way to fight terror. [Read more…]

Podcasts: altmuslim review 017

Our take on the ongoing violence in the Middle East. Plus – it’s not your grandmother’s youth camp – or maybe it is? Find out more about America’s oldest Muslim summer camp. [Read more…]