Women and the law: Of caning, flogging, and starving

In three different Muslim countries, a series of unrelated legal rulings appear to reflect the desire on the part of the Muslim public to have the State as a stand in for the conscience of the individual believer. [Read more…]

Clothing bans: Beyond the burqa

Curbs against some types of womens’ religious attire – such as the proposed burqa ban in France – often have little to do with commitments to the emancipation of women and much to do with using women’s bodies as a platform for varying political agendas. [Read more…]

Iran crisis: Leave Iran alone

Despite the cacophony of mock-solidarity echoing from all echelons of the US neo-conservative establishment, when it comes to doing what’s best for the Iranian people and indeed for the world, the US must do nothing at all. [Read more…]

Obama's Cairo speech: The value of words

For all the ensuing media chatter on the necessity of following his beautiful words with beautiful deeds, President Obama deserves credit for his overtures to Muslims around the world in his groundbreaking speech in Cairo. [Read more…]

The Taliban: A response to modernity

In its rigidity, the Talibanised society mimics an authenticity that sounds and feels truly pure and Islamic and is greedily imbibed by a population that is hungry for answers. [Read more…]

Reviving feminism: Making a needed connection

Feminists have remained silent and unwilling to make the connection between exhibitionism of flesh and subjugation of flesh, a commonality that should be a rallying cry. [Read more…]