Movie "Fordson": New English-speaking patriots

The film “Fordson” places focus on a few high school athletes preparing for a football game, but the real narrative paints layers in the evolution and lives of this population as Americans, as Arabs, as Muslims, as people. [Read more...]

Book: "The Missing Martyrs": Why are there so few Muslim terrorists?

Charles Kurzman’s book The Missing Martyrs is an important contribution to the combating of false stereotypes, pointing to terrorism as a political rather than religious phenomenon and demonstrating the relative failure of al Qaeda ideology. [Read more...]

Books about the Muslim Brotherhood: Who’s afraid of the big bad brotherhood?

Expect instead debate about the Brotherhood to ignite in coming years as Egypt stumbles from one military tyranny to who-knows-what. This makes two recently published books on the Brotherhood especially useful. [Read more...]

Film "Mooz-lum": “Mooz-lums” have been here for a long time

The new film “Mooz-lum,” by writer/director Qasim Basir, might seem preachy at times, but the only message it seems to preach is that through embracing our common humanity, struggling through our own hopes, fears, strengths, and wounds, redemption is always possible. [Read more...]

Book "British Secularism and Religion: Islam, Society and the State": Is there room for Islam in European pluralism?

A new collection of essays entitled “British Secularism and Religion: Islam, Society and the State” grapples with religion and secularism in Europe with passing insights, delivered like glancing blows, and much throat-clearing. Hardly a comprehensive survey of the field, they are nonetheless valuable contributions. [Read more...]

Book "Journey into America": Victims and victimisers

Professor Akbar Ahmed’s evocatively written new book Journey into America: The challenge of Islam asks whether Muslims and Muslim Americans belong in the ummah only when it is victimised and not when it victimises. [Read more...]