Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy Reflects on Oscar Win and What it Means for Pakistan

By Sadia Ashraf Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy’s Oscar Academy Award win for Pakistan last Sunday, a first for the country, is a bittersweet victory. While the country rejoices in the worldwide recognition of an Oscar for Saving Face as a Documentary Short, the topic of the film — women who are the victims of acid burning — [Read More…]

‘Love InshAllah’ Explores the Love Lives of American Muslim Women

By Merium Kazmi, contributor at Muslimah Media Watch “I wasted years because I didn’t think I fit into their conception of Islam or God. And I don’t. But God is greater than all that. There are as many ways to Him as there are people on the planet.” (Ayesha Mattu, “The Opening,” p. 54) For [Read More…]

TV show "All-American Muslim": An all-American reality show

“Jersey Shore” doesn’t represent Italians in NJ, “Sister Wives” doesn’t represent all Mormons, “Kate Plus Eight” doesn’t represent all families of multiples. So why would would we expect this show to represent all American Muslims? [Read more…]

Movie "Fordson": New English-speaking patriots

The film “Fordson” places focus on a few high school athletes preparing for a football game, but the real narrative paints layers in the evolution and lives of this population as Americans, as Arabs, as Muslims, as people. [Read more…]

Book: "The Missing Martyrs": Why are there so few Muslim terrorists?

Charles Kurzman’s book The Missing Martyrs is an important contribution to the combating of false stereotypes, pointing to terrorism as a political rather than religious phenomenon and demonstrating the relative failure of al Qaeda ideology. [Read more…]

Books about the Muslim Brotherhood: Who’s afraid of the big bad brotherhood?

Expect instead debate about the Brotherhood to ignite in coming years as Egypt stumbles from one military tyranny to who-knows-what. This makes two recently published books on the Brotherhood especially useful. [Read more…]