Movie: "The Infidel": “The Infidel” finds a happy place

Some thought that David Baddiel and Omid Djilali’s new film The Infidel, opening today in the UK, would offend with its premise that a Muslim finds out he was born Jewish. But so far, Muslims love it – and you will too. [Read more…]

Book: "Stones into Schools": The fourth cup of tea

Greg Mortenson, whose Three Cups of Tea sold 3.6 million copies, has written a sequel titled Stones into Schools, which continues to narrate his ongoing efforts to build schools in rural Pakistan. [Read more…]

Movie: “My Name is Khan”: “Khan” breaks new stereotypes (but reinforces old ones)

By glossing over African American Islam and reinforcing black stereotypes, My Name is Khan repeats a mistake found in scholarly articles and primetime news specials alike: that American Islam is an immigrant story and has no history before 1965 or September 11th. [Read more…]

Book: "The Future of Islam": A pluralistic prescription

John Esposito’s new book The Future of Islam is an examination of the current prospects for Muslim reformers around the globe to produce new legal and social models that better meet the challenges of a globalized Muslim community. [Read more…]

Book "Can Islam be French?": Mosques facing outward

In his new book Can Islam be French? Pluralism and Pragmatism in a Secularist State, author John Bowen shows that mosques in France are – contrary to public perception – engaging with political authorities, neighboring communities, and dealing with wider social problems. [Read more…]

Book "Memories of Muhammad": What would Muhammad do?

Omid Safi’s book Memories of Muhammad: Why the Prophet Matters digs back into memories of Muhammad in order to revive the larger message of socially conscious action, the traditions constructed around it, and the call to embrace Islam through refined character. [Read more…]