Religion and education: On the inclusiveness of public schools

Looking beyond the resistance to religious accommodation in public schools, one might find a means to better integration, not worse [Read more…]

Canadian Muslims: Veiled voting

Canadian politicians have seized an issue concerning the right of niqab-wearing Muslims to vote. Unfortunately, Canadian law does not support their arguments. [Read more…]

The Maher Arar Case: From accusation to compensation

Maher Arar, a Canadian-Syrian dual citizen, was awarded CAD$12.5 by the Canadian government for mistakes the US government still refuses to acknowledge [Read more…]

Sitcom "Little Mosque on the Prairie": Can “Little Mosque” live up to the hype?

“Little Mosque on the Prairie”, a Canadian sitcom by talented filmmaker Zarqa Nawaz, launched this week in the midst of a media circus. Does the show live up to the hype? [Read more…]

Canada Terror Plot: Mubin Shaikh & the “Toronto 17”

The authorities have a responsibility to enforce public order and ensure the protection of all. Difficulty arises when that responsibility is downloaded to regular citizens. [Read more…]

Cartoon controversy: Stupid cartoons, even stupider reaction

Why are we so exciteable anyway? The cartoons, horrendous though they may be, need not affect a Muslim’s impression of the Prophet. [Read more…]