Comedian Azhar Usman: Allah made him funny

We speak to Muslim comedian Azhar Usman, whose concert film with fellow comedians Preacher Moss and Mohammed Amar, Allah Made Me Funny opens in select theatres today. [Read more…]

Author Sherry Jones: “I did all this in the service of a truth”

Jewel of Medina author Sherry Jones speaks to us about her book, a semi-fictional novel based on the life of Prophet Muhammad’s wife Aisha pulled by her publisher Random House, and what led to a firestorm of controversy described by many as the next Satanic Verses. [Read more…]

Perspectives: Free speech is a two-way street

Some of the more abrasive encounters between Muslims and others have not centered around politics or foreign policy, but in the arena of free expression. It doesn’t have to be this way. [Read more…]

US Elections: Blocking the vote

Block vote proponents are faced with two bad choices: either tell Muslims to abandon the candidate that the majority supports, or take credit for a block of votes they had nothing to do with creating. [Read more…]

Eid al-Adha: Is there room at the inn for a Muslim holiday in America?

I know it can be hard for people to share their most “religious” holidays with those not of their faith. But we are all children of God, and I believe the commonalities between us will shine over the differences. [Read more…]

Public diplomacy: Karen, we hardly knew ye

Karen Hughes’ public diplomacy administration was certainly better than her “brand America” predecessors. Too bad an unchanging US foreign policy precluded any meaningful improvement in US-Muslim world relations. [Read more…]