44th ISNA Conference: Ready for a close-up

Though the Islamic Society of North America still attracts accusations of extremism from some on the right, the group’s annual conference last weekend showed a determination to make full integration irreversible. [Read more…]

The Nation of Islam: The final call?

With the stepping down of Louis Farrakhan and the stepped-up pressure of WD Muhammad, the Nation of Islam faces a fork in the road – shift towards orthodox Islam or face an uncertain future. [Read more…]

Opposing terrorism: What would marches against extremism achieve?

If Muslim-Americans were able to pull off a grand protest, would it curtail the rise of extremism? Would the terrorists care what we thought? And would it make the average non-Muslim American feel more secure? [Read more…]

Preventing homegrown terror: Seeing eye to eye on extremism

American Muslims and the US government are often on opposing sides when it comes to combating extremism. By depoliticizing the issue and promoting a cooperation of equals, it doesn’t have to be that way. [Read more…]

Musician Kareem Salama: “There’s something reverent about country music”

For Oklahoma native Kareem Salama, the Islamically-inspired country music he creates is no novelty. We speak with the budding country singer about why his varied influences mesh so well. [Read more…]

Muslim journalism: Western Muslims need a “fourth estate”

We started altmuslim.com because we could no longer tolerate the absence of an independent Muslim media. We would be happy if the emergence of one made us redundant. [Read more…]