Video: Muslim women do that

How does the reality of the lives of Muslim women differ from the perceptions of their neighbors? Austin resident and community activist Yasmin Diallo Turk follows three of her Muslim women neighbors to get the real story. [Read more…]

Rally for Sanity and/or Fear: Muslims holding signs

Among the over 200,000 people who gathered this weekend in Washington, DC for the “Rally for Sanity and/or Fear” organized by Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert was a sizable Muslim contingent, many of whom had some tongue-in-cheek messages. Here are some of the signs they carried. [Read more…]

Center for American Progress: Challenging Islamophobia

What forces are behind the spike in anti-Muslim hate speech and what is their goal? Join associate editor Wajahat Ali and others in discussing this important topic at a panel discussion at the Center for American Progress in Washington, DC. [Read more…]

Movie "Fordson": Faith, fasting, and football

With an epic reach, a new documentary looks at the lives of four high school football players at Fordson High School in Dearborn, Michigan, to see how they reconcile their Arab backgrounds, their love for football, and the demands of Ramadan. The result is an eye-opener for every American. [Read more…]

30 Mosques, 30 States: In search of Muslim America

This Ramadan, Bassam Tariq and Aman Ali expand on last year’s exploration of 30 mosques in New York City with an ambitious drive across 30 states to visit 30 unique mosques, uncovering a diversity and dynamism that surprises us all. [Read more…]

Film "TruthSearch": Muslim artists search for truth

As I screened my latest film, TruthSearch, at the 6th World Islamic Economic Forum, I pondered how the “Muslim” label affects an artist’s ability to be creative and influence others. I was not alone. [Read more…]