Film "TruthSearch": Muslim artists search for truth

As I screened my latest film, TruthSearch, at the 6th World Islamic Economic Forum, I pondered how the “Muslim” label affects an artist’s ability to be creative and influence others. I was not alone. [Read more…]

Humor: Are pork rinds halal?

A funny video that crossed our path (anonymously, of course) recently asks the age old question that has crossed the mind of many a Muslim shopkeeper in the West. Are pork rinds halal? Kosher? All of the above? [Read more…]

Al Jazeera English interview: A look at Islam in Hollywood

Along with author and screenwriter Kamran Pasha, Editor-in-chief Shahed Amanullah spoke to Al Jazeera’s Riz Khan about a new $150 million remake of The Message (a dramatized story of the Prophet Muhammad) and how Islam and Hollywood intersect. [Read more…]

Politics: A Muslim candidate’s unconventional strategy

Jackson Heights resident Mujib Rahman wanted to be the first Bangladeshi elected to New York’s City Council. His strategy: tell voters about his opponent’s sexuality. On election day, he was outvoted nearly 3 to 1. [Read more…]

Islamophobia: The Muslims are coming!

Are Muslims really trying to take over America? Most estimates indicate that there are 3-4 million Muslims in the United States. In order for Muslims to take over, simple math says they have to be at least 50 percent of the 300 million Americans. As of now, Muslims are still about 147 million people short. [Read more…]

UC Berkeley seminar: Politics and new media in the Muslim world

Our own Wajahat Ali moderated a panel discussion on “Politics and New Media in the Muslim World” on Wednesday, October 28, 2009 at the University of California, Berkeley and sponsored by UC Berkeley’s Center for Southeast Asia Studies. [Read more…]