Thanksgiving 2011: How Muslims have come celebrate this day

A manufactured controversy over halal Butterball turkeys is only the latest event in an ongoing evolution of the Muslim relationship with Thanksgiving and all things American. [Read more…]

CAP report on Islamophobia: Fighting the defamation of Muslim Americans

This report exposes these alleged “patriots” for what they really are: the primary motivators of fear and bigotry in an economically uncertain and politically volatile climate which urgently needs less hate, division and fear mongering. [Read more…]

Radicalization hearings: Peter King’s subversive fantasy

Most US terrorist plots have no Muslim connection, and 40% of all extremist plots in America were thwarted as a result of Muslim American help. So what exactly is this hearing for? [Read more…]

Art: Jihad Jane and the Muhammad cartoons

Art can be used as a loaded cultural and political weapon to incite animosity amidst an already hostile climate dominated by foolish controversies — or it can be used wisely and bravely as a common language to bridge the divides. [Read more…]

Malaysian politician Anwar Ibrahim: “The Malaysian people will not easily be fooled”

Malaysia’s opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, who is on trial in Kuala Lumpur on sodomy charges for a second time, speaks to Wajahat Ali about the controversy and discusses the country’s ethnic and religious conflicts and issues facing the Muslim world. [Read more…]

Domestic violence: Remembering Aasiya Zubair

Last year the tragic beheading of Aasiya Zubair jolted a dormant Muslim American community to finally acknowledge and proactively confront the hidden scourge of domestic violence in its midst [Read more…]