Kosovo independence: State of confusion

Young Kosovo has the potential to become the kind of Muslim country Europe has been dreaming of. But how long can it last with its current diplomatic and religious isolation? [Read more…]

Islamic law in the West: One man’s sharia

Nothing gets a debate going more than proposing the introduction of Sharia law in the West. That goes for non-Muslims too. [Read more…]

Crisis in Gaza: Turning out the lights

With every Palestinian crisis, such as the one currently occurring in Gaza, there is a sense that neither side knows how to respond next. In the meantime, only the innocents suffer. [Read more…]

Educator Sadek Hamid: “Muslim youth work has yet to be understood”

Doctoral student Sadek Hamid has created Britain’s first university degree programme in Muslim youth social work. We speak to him to find out how programmes like his can make a difference. [Read more…]

Extreme literature: War of words

Once again, scary literature has been found at Islamic bookstores and mosques. If Muslims continue to be careless about the books they sell, those books will continue to be exploited against us. [Read more…]

Tablighi Jamaat: Mega mosque, mega problems

London’s proposed Abbeymills mosque has been a lightning rod for allegations of extremism by its proponents, the isolationist and conservative Tablighi Jamaat movement. They may have learned from the experience. [Read more…]