Ramadan 2014 – Discipline from Sundown to Sunrise

This article comes on Day 21 of our special Altmuslim/Patheos Muslim Ramadan #30Days30Writers blog project, in which we are showcasing the voices of 30 Muslim leaders, activists, scholars, writers, youth and more (one on each day of Ramadan) as part of our commitment to own our own narratives and show how we are one Ummah, [Read More…]

Preparing for Ramadan – The Hidden Costs of Indulgence

By  Zainab Khan As Ramadan approaches, I’ve been thinking a lot about indulgence versus discipline and the “hidden costs” of indulgence. In large part, I see Ramadan as a disciplining of the nafs (roughly translated: ego). I’ve often heard and thought that “one who cannot control her/his appetite can barely control her/his ego” – the [Read More…]

The Case for Political Correctness and Against the Jahiliyyah Inside All of Us

By Zainab Khan Today’s world is a politically correct (PC) world. In order to be socially “accepted,” we choose our words based on what the “Politically Correct” have decided is acceptable for us to say. Unfortunately, many people have come out against being politically correct in a defense of not “overthinking” words.  Words are just [Read More…]

A Mosque Story – When We Teach Defeat

By  Zainab Khan When I decided to move back home from college, the thing I feared the most was that I would not fit in with the local Muslim community. The first Muslim community I knew intimately and loved deeply was not the one I grew up with, so returning home was like coming to [Read More…]

The Need for Anger

By Zainab Khan Zainab Khan has joined Altmuslim as the site’s newest monthly columnist.  Let me be angry. When I ask you to let me be angry, I’m not talking of anger just to be angry. There’s an anger – for the sake of this article, let’s call it rage – that arises from a [Read More…]