British parliamentary candidate Osama Saeed: Muslims in Europe: The Scottish example

The Scottish National Party (SNP) has a new candidate for British Parliament from one of its key districts in Glasgow – activist Osama Saeed. But what’s a young Glaswegian Muslim doing running with a nationalist party in Europe? We speak to Saeed to find out. [Read more…]

Filmmaker Jennifer Taylor: “There are so many things that surprised me”

Filmmaker Jennifer Taylor gives some insight into the people at the heart of her documentary film “New Muslim Cool”, talks about avoiding the typical traps found when telling stories about Muslims, and explains how labels become meaningless for a community that increasingly blurs the lines between ethnicities, beliefs, and cultures. [Read more…]

Author Reza Aslan: “We are fighting a war of the imagination”

For much of the past decade we have been fighting a “cosmic war” under the guise of a “war on terror,” according to author Reza Aslan. In it, there lies a never-ending battle between almost mythical forces of “good” and “evil,” skewing real-life history with a fantasy element with no practical resolution. [Read more…]

Author Shelina Zahra Janmohamed: “Life is on hold until you get married”

Author Shelina Zahra Janmohamed sits down with us to discuss the issues brought up in her new book Love in a Headscarf, which documents Janmohamed’s search for a partner in a landscaped blurred by culture clashes, mixed identities, and double standards. [Read more…]

Former Dutch MP Fadime Örgü: Muslims in Europe: The Dutch example

With all the challenges Muslims in Europe face, it’s hard to find examples of social and economic progress. But Muslim communities in the Netherlands are making a difference – and former Dutch MP Fadime Örgü was at the centre of it. [Read more…]

Actor/Comedian Aasif Mandvi: “This is you, America. Are you ok with it?”

Comedian and actor Aasif Mandvi speaks to us about life at The Daily Show, life after Sakina’s Restaurant, and why Muslims shouldn’t complain about negative portrayals in Hollywood if they don’t get involved. [Read more…]

Comedian Azhar Usman: Allah made him funny

We speak to Muslim comedian Azhar Usman, whose concert film with fellow comedians Preacher Moss and Mohammed Amar, Allah Made Me Funny opens in select theatres today. [Read more…]

Author Tariq Ali: Dueling partners: Pakistan and America

Journalist and author Tariq Ali speaks to Associate Editor Wajahat Ali about the state of Pakistani society and its complicated, ongoing relationship with the United States. [Read more…]

Author Naomi Klein: “The tyranny of complexity is at the heart of this crisis”

No Logo and The Shock Doctrine author and journalist Naomi Klein speaks to us about the “disaster capitalism” underway with the proposed multi-billion dollar Wall Street bailouts. [Read more…]

DNC Chairman Howard Dean: “It’s not true that [we don’t] want to be associated with Muslims”

Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean speaks to us about the rise of Barack Obama, the Bush-McCain legacy, and why Muslims are welcome in the Democratic Party. [Read more…]