Movie: “My Name is Khan”: “Khan” breaks new stereotypes (but reinforces old ones)

By glossing over African American Islam and reinforcing black stereotypes, My Name is Khan repeats a mistake found in scholarly articles and primetime news specials alike: that American Islam is an immigrant story and has no history before 1965 or September 11th. [Read more…]

Book: "The Future of Islam": A pluralistic prescription

John Esposito’s new book The Future of Islam is an examination of the current prospects for Muslim reformers around the globe to produce new legal and social models that better meet the challenges of a globalized Muslim community. [Read more…]

Book "Can Islam be French?": Mosques facing outward

In his new book Can Islam be French? Pluralism and Pragmatism in a Secularist State, author John Bowen shows that mosques in France are – contrary to public perception – engaging with political authorities, neighboring communities, and dealing with wider social problems. [Read more…]

Book "Memories of Muhammad": What would Muhammad do?

Omid Safi’s book Memories of Muhammad: Why the Prophet Matters digs back into memories of Muhammad in order to revive the larger message of socially conscious action, the traditions constructed around it, and the call to embrace Islam through refined character. [Read more…]

Book "The Cartoons that Shook the World": Simple cartoons, complicated responses

By bringing out the plurality of responses from European Muslims, author Jytte Klausen, in her new book, The Cartoons that Shook the World, challenges the facile conclusion that the cartoons were “offensive” and hence merit prohibition. [Read more…]

Film "Journey to Mecca": Ibn Battuta, larger than life

The new IMAX film “Journey to Mecca” successfully captures the essence of Ibn Battuta’s travels to the holy city of Islam: a physical journey which emulates the spiritual one in search of the divine through enlightenment and knowledge. [Read more…]

Film "Inside Islam": What do a billion Muslims think?

The film Inside Islam, based on the 2008 book Who Speaks for Islam?, creates an environment where dialogue among civilisations becomes inevitable. It also prompts American audiences to reconsider their perceptions of Muslims–who are often also their neighbors [Read more…]

Book "Children of Dust": From madrasahs to middle America

By telling his own personal story, with all the painful experiences, Children of Dust author Ali Eteraz humanizes and contextualizes the otherwise one-dimensional “American Muslim” that most Americans read about but never get to know. [Read more…]

Book "Homeland Insecurity": The focal point of cross-cultural dialogue

Louise Cainkar’s new book Homeland Insecurity argues that 9/11 created an environment in which hostility toward Muslims could thrive and their political and social exclusion could be legitimated by both the government and nativist Americans. [Read more…]

Film "Bronx Princess": Rocky, the fighter

A new film, Bronx Princess, provides audiences with a fascinating and beautiful portrait of what it’s like to grapple with personal growth – to be at one moment headstrong and in the next, humbled. [Read more…]