Book "Stranger to History": An ambitious cultural journey loses its way

Aatish Taseer’s book, “Stranger to History,” covers detailed portraits of scenery from his travels in Turkey, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Pakistan, but limits encounters only with people to the devout and chauvinistic or the irreligious and resentful. [Read more…]

Book "Reflections on the Revolution in Europe": Team Islam or Team Europe?

Christopher Caldwell, in his new book “Reflections on the Revolution in Europe,” clearly thinks that Europe cannot be the same with different people in it. But in asking the question, Caldwell confuses the diversity of peoples and the diversity of values. [Read more…]

Book "Zeitoun": Surviving the storm

Dave Eggers’ new book, Zeitoun, explores the horror of post-Katrina New Orleans through eyes of an American Muslim family. The result is a compelling and often surprising account that, in spite of its subject matter, is far more “American” than “Muslim” [Read more…]

Movie "The Mosque in Morgantown": Pushing the envelope without breaking it

Asra Nomani, deserves credit for bringing light to the issue of gender inequity in American mosques. But since there is widespread agreement among Muslim leaders for the need for change, is Nomani’s approach the best way to create it? [Read more…]

Muslim Voices Festival: Cultural diplomacy in Brooklyn

The Muslim Voices Festival, a unique 10-day art and music festival featuring Muslim artists from around the world, brings a unique form of cultural exchange to New York City this week – starting with the celebrated Senegalese musician Youssou N’Dour [Read more…]

Film "Warring Factions": A breakdancing bridge to Iran

Warring Factions a new documentary film by Justin Mashouf, explores an unusual link between American and modern Iranian culture – the underground b-boy scene. In it, we see a reminder of the human connection that is often lost in politics. [Read more…]

Movie "Waltz with Bashir": A waltz with injustice

A sobering and imaginative Israeli film Waltz with Bashir artfully documents the 1982 Sabra and Shatila massacres that should have left a lasting impression. Current events show how a film like this is needed. [Read more…]

Movie "Slumdog Millionaire": Hope from an unexpected place

Slumdog Millionaire, a fantasy wrapped around the brutal realities of modern day India, could make even the most curmudgeon of grinches amongst us applaud at the end. [Read more…]

Musicians "Niyaz": Nine musical heavens

Self-described as “folk music for the 21st century,” Niyaz is an exciting fusion of traditional Middle-Eastern, South Asian, and contemporary Western musical styles that redefines the world music platform and sets a new standard for global trance. [Read more…]

Movie "W.": Standing alone in the outfield

Oliver Stone’s “W.” is a rushed, but oddly poignant vision of a man overshadowed by his father and by the role he was given as President of the United States [Read more…]