Movie "The Visitor": “I’ve got to put this character in a movie”

altmuslim’s Wajahat Ali interviews director Tom McCarthy and actor Richard Jenkins to find out how they balanced themes from East and West in “The Visitor”. [Read more...]

Movie "Stop Loss": Men do cry

Movies like “Stop-Loss,” although not perfect by any means, can at least show a society that indeed boys – and even men – do cry, especially those serving our nation in Iraq. [Read more...]

Movie "Rendition": Nothing ordinary about “Rendition”

A new movie about the controversial practice of “extraordinary rendition” may be more educational than entertaining, but that doesn’t make it any less important [Read more...]

Book “Banat al Riyadh": The subterranean life

Is Western feminism is truly applicable to women in Muslim countries? Raja Alsanea’s book “Banat al Riyadh” (Girls of Riyadh) explores this issue through the eyes of four Saudi women. [Read more...]

Musical Composition "The Beautiful Names": A sacred triumph

Composed by a famous convert to Orthodox Christianity, inspired by a Sufi sage, and performed in a Roman Catholic cathedral, The Beautiful Names is a powerful plea for tolerance. [Read more...]

Sitcom "Aliens in America": Mad about “Aliens”

Following the lead of Canada’s Muslim-themed sitcom Little Mosque on the Prairie, Aliens in America stumbles awkwardly, but amusingly, to America’s screens. [Read more...]

Movie "A Mighty Heart": A nuanced, but fragile “Heart”

“A Mighty Heart,” the new film by director Michael Winterbottom starring Angelina Jolie as Marianne Pearl, is well made and well acted, but ultimately unsatisfying. [Read more...]

Book "Zaatar Days, Henna Nights": The language of the sky

Compelled to explore her Islamic roots, Seattle author Maliha Masood embarked upon a year-long overland trek through the Arab world. Her adventures are chronicled in the new book “Zaatar Days, Henna Nights”. Here is an excerpt. [Read more...]

Documentary "America at a Crossroads": Against all fundamentalisms

Choosing those Muslims that look most Western – and thus least threatening – while reviling others as Islamofascist, is a prejudiced and misguided stance [Read more...]

Exhibit "The Legacy of Timbuktu": Unearthing the lost literary heritage of West Africa

The Legacy of Timbuktu: Wonders of the Written Word breaks multiple stereotypes and introduces the visitors to an Islamic African society known for its tolerance, justice and emphasis on God-consciousness and education. [Read more...]