The Ramadan Blessings of the Number Thirty-Three

The number of years it takes our beloved Ramadan to complete a seasonal cycle. A cycle fashioned by Al-Musawwir, The Fashioner. A cycle that allows us to experience the blessings of Ramadan during the death of winter. A cycle that allows us to bear witness to Allah’s mercy during the renewal of spring. A cycle that allows us to greet the Month of the Qur’an in the heat of summer. A most beautiful cycle that allows us to know the Holy Month through the transitions of fall. [Read more…]

Ramadan Reflection – God is Beautiful, and He Loves Beauty

By Muqtedar Khan The holy month of Ramadan has come again, and millions of Muslims worldwide count their blessings. They feel fortunate that they are getting one more opportunity to rededicate their lives to God; another chance to reboot their spiritual orientation. For many Muslims, Ramadan is a boot camp for rituals. Pray more, play [Read More…]