The Pangs of Hunger – Charity and Prayers for Those Facing Starvation

Let us then direct our charity and prayers towards the 20 million people in Yemen, Somalia and South Sudan who are at imminent risk of starvation. For whom this Ramadan brings not the spiritual comforts of fasting but hellish hunger and the helpless horror of watching the most vulnerable among them slowly die. [Read more…]

The Timelessness of Hunger in Ramadan and Beyond

With hunger and fasting, these words made me examine my own experience of fasting, and I came to realize that I couldn’t remember a time when I truly felt hunger. Even during Ramadan, I didn’t feel hungry by the end of the day. I awaited with anticipation the breaking of the fast so I could enjoy the special dishes that we shared. But did I feel hungry? No. [Read more…]

The Heat, Hunger and Thirst of Ramadan – Spiritual Melding with Physical

This is Day 28 of Altmuslim’s #30Days30Writers series for Ramadan 2015. By Abdullah bin Hamid Ali The Islamic historical and exegetical literature inform us that Ramadan gets its name from the fact that the very first Ramadan occurred during an intensely hot season. In the word “Ramadan” is “Ramda,” which means “severe heat” or the [Read More…]

An Empty Seat at the Iftar Table

This is Day 19 of Altmuslim’s #30Days30Writers series for Ramadan 2015. Editorial Note: The following is a true story, but the names have been changed to protect anonymity. By Khaled A. Beydoun Every Ramadan, the wrinkles on her brow extend further. Sink deeper. The pronounced lines on her mother’s face ate away Eman’s hunger, only [Read More…]

Burn the Fruit of the Forbidden Tree – Preferring God over Food in Ramadan

This is Day One of Altmuslim’s #30Days30Writers series for Ramadan, 2015. By Rahim Snow Ramadan is the month when many Muslims practice fasting from sunrise to sunset. But what exactly does restraining ourselves from eating food have to do with our devotion to God? Let’s explore this through a few stories. There is a tradition [Read More…]

Ramadan 2014 – When Deprivation is the Journey

This article comes on Day 11 of our special Altmuslim/Patheos Muslim Ramadan #30Days30Writers blog project, in which we are showcasing the voices of 30 Muslim leaders, activists, scholars, writers, youth and more (one on each day of Ramadan) as part of our commitment to own our own narratives and show how we are one Ummah, many voices. [Read More…]