White in America vs. White Among American Muslims

By Charles M. Turner When you’re white, conversion to Islam can be accompanied by excessive fanfare. That was my experience as a recent convert. My coming to Islam seemed to be just as emotional for friends and strangers alike as it was for myself. I was often taken aback by the praise I received for [Read More…]

Reflections from My Hajj – The Ka’ba Versus the Saudi Regime

Davi Barker, who writes at The Muslim Agorist and for other publications, recently returned from his Hajj pilgrimage. Altmuslim is featuring a few of his reflections this week, as Barker settles back into his post-Hajj life. By Davi Barker I just returned home from Hajj, the Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca. They say the sign of a successful [Read More…]