Getting Ramadan Ready for Busy People on a Schedule – Part One and Two

By Siraj I’m all for uplifting messages that inspire us to put forth our best effort in worshiping Allāh  during Ramadan.  However, in lands where people do not have the luxury of time and sleep post-suhoor, getting maximum benefit out of Ramadan requires a bit of doing before entering into the month full force.  With this in [Read More…]

Preparing for Ramadan – The Hidden Costs of Indulgence

By  Zainab Khan As Ramadan approaches, I’ve been thinking a lot about indulgence versus discipline and the “hidden costs” of indulgence. In large part, I see Ramadan as a disciplining of the nafs (roughly translated: ego). I’ve often heard and thought that “one who cannot control her/his appetite can barely control her/his ego” – the [Read More…]