Let Your Soul Breathe this Ramadan

This is Day One of the #30Days30Writers series for Ramadan 2016. By Shibli Zaman In a society that promotes gluttonous consumerism with absolutely no regard for the planet’s inability to support that, the best service you can do to every living species on this earth is to treat food like medicine. You wouldn’t just take [Read More…]

The Soul of Our Family – A Ramadan Love story

This is Day 29 of Altmuslim’s #30Days30Writers series for Ramadan 2015. By Precious Rasheeda Muhammad “There is no soul but has a protector over it.” —The Holy Quran, Surat At-Tariq, 86:4 We were in our navy blue Dodge Caravan, the one my husband Carl travelled from Virginia to New Jersey to buy from a government [Read More…]

Ramadan is Not Just About What You’re (Not) Eating, It’s About What’s Eating You

By Hanna Ali Now more than ever, as we drift even further into a gadget-obsessed world of self-indulgence and so called “first world problems,” Ramadan becomes even more important in more ways than one. Let’s face it, the world is becoming an increasingly aggressive place where people either believe more than ever or less than [Read More…]