Help save Lama Rinzin, a Tibetan Buddhist seeking asylum in the UK

(UPDATED, nearing 2000 signatures as of 8/8/13) Save Lama Rinzin!

From Avaaz (also updated):

Lama Rinzin is a Tibetan monk, and highly skilled Thankga painter (Buddhist artist), who is seeking assylum in the UK. He fled from Tibet into Nepal, following the 2008 protests in Lhasa, and if he is deported he is likely to face imprisonment, torture or death.

Lama Rinzin was sent to Sheffield, UK, by the Home Office and by chance ended up doors away from the Sheffield Buddhist Centre. He has now become a much loved and valued member of the Buddhist Community in Sheffield and is able to put his rare talent to use, painting beautiful images for the Buddhist Community and teaching others about Buddhism and Meditation.

If he was allowed to stay he would have his own source of income from painting and would make a massive contribution to the growing local Buddhist Community through his knowledge of Buddhism and Meditation and through his calming, compassionate presence.

His 2 previous hearings have rejected his case, but a judge has ruled this was due to flawed judgements and so he has been awarded a tribunal hearing on 16th August 2013.

We want to hand this petition to the Home Office to show how much support there is for Lama Rinzin to stay in the UK, where he will be safe and able to contribute so much.


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