With 108 Years since their last title, the Cubs become Buddhism’s team

While much of Buddhist thought and practice is devoted to inner cultivation based on strong ethical foundations and the goal of perfect realization of impermanence, non-self, and the nature of suffering; some Buddhists surely still find a little time to take in a baseball game or two.And with this year marking 108 seasons exactly since the last time the Chicago Cubs won an MLB championship, Buddhists might be forgiven for thinking there is something special in store for the Cubbies this … [Read more...]

“Qualifications, policies, intelligence, and pant suits”: Buddhist Political Preferences (Reader poll, October reporting)

Another month, another survey of readers on political preferences in the 2017 US Presidential race. This month the poll of 91 (self-selected, online, non-randomized) respondents swung strongly toward Clinton, the vast majority of those giving their preference even before the Oct. 7 tape of Donald Trump discussing sexual assault was released.Last month, in contrast, Clinton was supported by only 49.4% of respondents and Stein drew 23.6% with Johnson also getting 12.9% (Trump was under 7% t … [Read more...]

Buddhist Political Preferences (Reader poll, September reporting)

This month our numbers are up a bit, with 178 (self-selected, online, non-randomized) respondents answering questions about their political preferences in the upcoming US Presidential race. Once again, they roughly matched demographically with previous months’ polls, so we’ll again jump right to the question of which candidate each respondent most supported:This marks a small down-turn for Clinton, who last month had nearly 55% support.This dip matches a number of polls that showe … [Read more...]

Buddhist Politics: A Reader Survey (September)

It's time once again for our monthly survey of Buddhist political affiliations. It has been a... well... interesting month following the conventions - which I mostly missed as I was in China at the time. Clinton received a solid post-convention boost in most polls, getting into double-digit leads at times over the struggling Trump who was snubbed by one of his own convention speakers, former rival Ted Cruz. Since then, a number of Republicans have come out against Trump, so many, in fact, that … [Read more...]

Buddhist Political Preferences (Reader poll, July-Aug reporting)

Last month I was too busy teaching, traveling, and doing a bit of meditation in China to write a report on the June-July readers survey of political preferences. In fact, I was a bit lax in publicizing the poll as well, which I think played a roll in the marked downturn in responses. With just 107 (self-selected, online, non-randomized) respondents and demographics roughly matching previous months' polls, we'll jump right to the question of which candidate each respondent most … [Read more...]

July Buddhist Political Affiliations and the 2016 US Presidential Race (Reader Poll)

I am currently in China, living in a Chan Buddhist monastery, just wrapping up a long silent retreat. I hear there have been some interesting things happening in the US political realm. Do tell. With all of my work here I have not had an opportunity to crunch the numbers from last month's (June/July) reader survey, but those results along with the results of this month's poll will be posted in early August.In the meantime, please fill out this month's survey and, as always, please help … [Read more...]

“Health” in the Buddhism and Science Dialogue

Guest post by Kin Cheung In the current dialogue between Buddhist traditions and the sciences—an engagement dominated by Tibetan and Zen Buddhists on one side and psychologists and neuroscientists on the other—the subject of health is featured prominently. However, despite the shared term, participants aren’t actually talking about the same thing.Early proponents of the Buddhism-science dialogue, like Paul Ekman, Richard Davidson, Matthieu Ricard, and Alan Wallace, have focused on the theme … [Read more...]

Buddhist Political Affiliations and the 2016 US Presidential Race (Reader Poll)

It's time once again for another reader survey on US presidential politics. This one is up a bit later than previous months so will stay up until July 5th. Check back shortly after that for results.As always, thanks for filling in the survey and please spread the word via email/facebook/twitter/etc so that as many people see and take the survey as possible. Loading...Curious about the perils of polling in general? Read excerpts from a discussion of problems and promises from last … [Read more...]