Buddha in the Classroom: A little Zen for the Workplace

buddha in the classroom2

Subtitled: “Zen Wisdom to Inspire Teachers,” this is a book filled with much more than just “Zen” wisdom and it will surely inspire pretty much anyone who reads it. “The Burned-Out Professor.” To be fair, some of my appreciation for the book is purely selfish: the book feels like it was written specifically for me. The author, Donna Quesada, is a philosophy professor in California, a Buddhist, a yoga instructor, a connoisseur of world-wisdom, and a watcher of a good movies. She tells us t … [Read more...]

The importance of texts and their authenticity in Buddhism

By the Book, Tibetan Text Experts, Master of Ceremonies assists Dagchen Rinpoche, closing the Hevajra Mandala, Tharlam Monastery, Kathmandu, Nepal (photo by flickr user Wonderlane; C.C. 2.0)

Teaching, travels, an upcoming conference, and more exciting things are keeping me too busy at the moment to write everything I'd like to be writing at the moment. But a series about teaching Buddhism has been on my mind since the semester started and I'd like to at least start posting little notes, vignettes of a sort.This one is called, "The importance of texts and their authenticity in Buddhism." Texts Texts, as preservers of the word of the Buddha, have always been of profound … [Read more...]

Rubin Museum hosts Sharon Salzberg: Mindfulness and Art

Rubin-salzberg-meditation for artists2

The Rubin Museum of Art in New York City is hosting Sharon Salzberg and other teachers from the New York Insight Meditation Center this month and next to teach mindfulness and discuss intersections between meditation and art.The Rubin's PR and Marketing Manager Robin Carol writes, "The practices of meditation and art have long gone hand in hand, and art itself is often described as a meditative experience. Today, the Rubin Museum of Art is launching a weekly lunchtime Mindfulness Me … [Read more...]

Celebrating same-sex marriage in Buddhism


Today I am thrilled to join millions across the country in celebration of the Supreme Court's decision to legalize same-sex marriage across all 50 states. In honor of the decision, along with joining the facebook "Celebrate Pride" campaign with this blog's facebook profile pic, I thought I would repost one of the blog's most popular entries. Please enjoy, comment, take pride, etc, and remember that there is still much work to be done. ~ The first place I generally turn whenever I come across a … [Read more...]

[Watch] angel Kyodo williams talk race and Buddhism after Charleston on #MindfulMondays


Rev. angel Kyodo williams, who spoke last month with Bhikkhu Bodhi about mindfulness, responsibility, and social justice, has been the guest teacher for June at "Mindful Mondays." Mindful Mondays is a community "designed to democratize wellbeing" according to founder Kerri Kelly of CTZN Well. This week Rev. angel Kyodo williams led a meditation titled #9Minutes for Charleston. After the meditation williams led a discussion of race in America, noting in particular that had this been an act by a M … [Read more...]

Buddhism and Modernity: Conversations at the Edge, all three panels [Video]

Today the Mangalam Research Center posted video of a post-conference seminar following the June 3-7 Mindfulness & Compassion conference at San Francisco State University. The topic, "Buddhism and Modernity: Conversations at the Edge," drew a variety of responses from top academics in Buddhist studies and philosophy, psychologists, practitioners, and others. Below are the videos with brief notes and impressions. Panel 1: Buddhist Philosophy and the perennial concerns of Western p … [Read more...]

The philosopher Kant might have been skeptical of modern Mindfulness

Kant and the Buddha

One of the great joys of doing philosophy is drawing the great minds of the past into contemporary conversations. As we do this we attempt to step outside ourselves, in a sense, to broaden our perspective. As a student of the great German philosopher Immanuel Kant (1724-1804), I have also been amazed by the ways in which his ideas have been brought into contemporary conversations over the past 200 years. Kant Scholarship Scholarship on Kant has taken an exciting turn over the last decade or … [Read more...]

From the Dalai Lama’s cat to Deke, the Dharma Dog, animals offer the Buddha’s teachings

Deke the dharma dog

In the Theragatha, or Poems of the Elders, the Buddha's close friend, cousin, and attendant Ananda tells us that he has received 82,000 teachings from the Buddha and 2,000 more from his disciples for a total of 84,000. This great vastness of the Buddha's body of teaching later became a metaphor for the many ways that Truth, Dharma, or simply 'the teachings' could come to a person.In The Complete Book of Buddha's Lists -- Explained (available for free on google-books) David Snyder notes that " … [Read more...]