Spiritual Life takes Courage, and part of that is asking for help

My blogging life has been a bit quiet of late. This is despite the fact that I have some developing ambitions to write more and curate more wonderful writing from friends and strangers around the topics of Buddhism, meditation, and mindfulness. More on that in a moment.If you missed it, my neighbor here in the Patheos Buddhist world and long-time facebook friend - I'm still hoping to get him up to Montana for a sermon at our local Unitarian Universalist fellowship - James Ford recently … [Read more...]

Finding Forgiveness During Challenging Times

A guest post by Emily J. Hooks Understanding and practicing forgiveness has never been more important than it is today. As tensions around the world rise, we are called to stay ever more vigilant to the energy we put out into the world. The outcome of all action is determined by the source energy behind that action. Ironically, many of us who claim to understand this universal principle are reacting passionately out of fear and expecting to make a positive difference. We know that when we take … [Read more...]

Facing Election Results with Buddhist Practices of Love, Compassion, Sympathetic Joy and Equanimity

Well, we certainly do live in interesting times, don't we? One truth that has been exposed by the recent election is the chasm that has opened up in the American electorate. Some hoped that after Nov 8 that divide would be closed and we could go back to life as usual. That hasn't happened. I wrote just before the election on this topic, but was reminded of it today so I'll send it out again, minus the pre-election thoughts. Now the vote is behind us. Political leadership is in transition. We … [Read more...]

Facing the Election with Buddhist Practices of Love, Compassion, Sympathetic Joy and Equanimity

The days are mercifully winding down toward November 8th, the day our nation picks the next president. And while much rancor has come from the campaign, some calling it the most divisive period in America in at least 100 years, there is peace on the horizon.But that peace doesn't come in simply waiting out the next 48 hours. It comes from within. Odd as it may sound, this is a brilliant time to develop loving-kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy, and equanimity - the Buddha's four "Divine … [Read more...]

Buddhism and American Politics, a final reader survey

This will be our final survey of readers' political preferences with a long and winding road behind us. I, for one, was first introduced to a number of third-party candidates through write-ins on the poll and was exposed to a number of perspectives I otherwise would never have seen. I found out that polling is a fairly costly and time-intensive enterprise if it is to be done scientifically, and while NBC/Survey-monkey seems to have found a way to crunch their huge numbers into an acceptable … [Read more...]

A Buddhist Prospective US Army Chaplain Candidate on the election

A guest post by Robert Shuken Ju-Etsu McCarthy My name is Robert McCarthy, my dharma name is Shuken Ju-Etsu, the meaning is “kind humble and goes beyond,” I would say that these elements are reflected in both my spiritual and secular life.  I was born and raised in Western Michigan in a fairly conservative working class town.  I am currently enrolled at the University of the West’s Masters of Divinity program learning to be a chaplain, with the ultimate goal to find employment in either the US A … [Read more...]

With 108 Years since their last title, the Cubs become Buddhism’s team

While much of Buddhist thought and practice is devoted to inner cultivation based on strong ethical foundations and the goal of perfect realization of impermanence, non-self, and the nature of suffering; some Buddhists surely still find a little time to take in a baseball game or two.And with this year marking 108 seasons exactly since the last time the Chicago Cubs won an MLB championship, Buddhists might be forgiven for thinking there is something special in store for the Cubbies this … [Read more...]

“Qualifications, policies, intelligence, and pant suits”: Buddhist Political Preferences (Reader poll, October reporting)

Another month, another survey of readers on political preferences in the 2017 US Presidential race. This month the poll of 91 (self-selected, online, non-randomized) respondents swung strongly toward Clinton, the vast majority of those giving their preference even before the Oct. 7 tape of Donald Trump discussing sexual assault was released.Last month, in contrast, Clinton was supported by only 49.4% of respondents and Stein drew 23.6% with Johnson also getting 12.9% (Trump was under 7% t … [Read more...]