Review of The Buddha Walks into a Bar

As an introduction to Buddhist practice "for a new generation," Lodro Rinzler's first venture into the world of writing is well done. ┬áThe Buddha Walks into a Bar is broken into four parts, each progressing a little further, from "how to get your act together" to eventually "relaxing into magic." Rinzler does a good job of weaving ancient wisdom with the kinds of situations many young people will find themselves in today: from relationship break-ups to experimenting with alcohol. His use of pop … [Read more...]

An American Buddhist Life: Reviewed

Subtitled "Memoirs of a Modern Dharma Pioneer," Charles Prebish's latest book is a tour de force of American Buddhist studies. While I give it 5 of 5 stars, it won't be a book for everyone. As memoirs go, it is excellent: comprehensive, revealing, honest, and straightforward. But unless you're in one of the relatively small fields of American Buddhist Studies or Buddhist Ethics, Charles Prebish might be little more than a curiosity to you.But, if you're like me, and immensely interested in … [Read more...]