Tantric sex and kissing nuns (Video)

Warning: potentially disturbing images and manipulation to follow.I'm just back from a mini-conference held here in Bristol, and I can only say "my mind was blown."Yes, this is going to be an academic post.Though all of the talks were stimulating, the 'keynote' of sorts was on the topic of the use of religious imagery in corporate advertising by Katie Edwards. While her paper focused on Christian imagery, principally Catholic because that seems to have drawn the most outrage, she did … [Read more...]

Smile. Breathe. Repeat., or The Need to Travel

Last Friday in Missoula, at a public talk given by Anam Thubten Rinpoche, a friend asked me what I learned in all of my travels. I hadn't put much thought into such a question, but I immediately answered, "that our lives are unnecessarily complicated."A second insight I had, as I prepare for a little talk/slideshow about my travels, is just how profoundly interconnected we all are. And how the simplest of encounters can alter the direction of our life. Or, a bit less dramatically, these … [Read more...]

Life: The Secret

It's a film from Australia about how thought can and will change your whole life. Amongst other things it promises: MONEY - RELATIONSHIPS - & HEALTH all through the power of thought (they do also talk about action - bringing your thoughts into reality).Perhaps Buddhists have known this all along, but as I'm often told, Buddhists don't claim a corner on the Truth market. Truth can and will find expression all over the place (even Australia).Is it the same old new age crap that has … [Read more...]