Dealing with Pain during Meditation

In just two minutes, Ajahn Brahm tells us with clarity and compassion how to deal with pain during meditation:As he says, when the pain builds and builds, "It's common sense: move." Otherwise you end up like the guy with the double knee-replacement. I'll note that there is plenty of wisdom in sitting through discomfort, through itches, and through distractions of various types. Otherwise few of us would manage to sit still at all. But learning to see what is discomfort and what is pain that … [Read more...]

25 miles barefoot

Well, sort of. As the chart shows, that 25 miles is spread over 4 runs and 8 days (11th-18th). And the barefoot isn't totally bare - it's in a pare of Vibram Five-Finger minimalist running shoes, along with specially made toe-socks.How? Why?Just how these strange little shoes work is one of those mysteries that only the so-called 'scientists' will ever explain. They'll give you 'evidence' and 'studies' and all of that - which you're welcome to look up and report back to me.Here's my … [Read more...]

China and Running

An odd pair of things seem to be on my mind (and floating around the internet) today: China and running.Perhaps not so odd. When I spent 3 weeks in China a couple years back, I was training for my first marathon, so a lot of my fond memories of the country are connected with running. (Click on the map here for a virtual tour of the trip.)So... China. Despite that trip and subsequent travels and reading, I still feel a sense of real vagueness in my understanding of East Asia and its … [Read more...]