Quick takes: Technology and why you shouldn’t fly an airplane in a moving car

Note: in order to continue sharing and discussing the myriad things that come my way in a given day, I'll be posting these "quick takes." Ideally they will be short, topical, and have something to invite thoughtful discussion.Today the topic is technology: a topic I didn't think too seriously about until around 2004, when I was finishing my BA in Philosophy with my very good friend Ali Tabibnejad. We were both students of Albert Borgmann (in the video below, produced by Ali), who himself is … [Read more...]

Buddhism’s Dalai Lama nods to Secular Ethics

Dalai Lama - meditating before Jesus

While murder, bullying, exploitation and scandal regularly make news, when thousands of children receive their mother’s care and affection every day it isn't reported because we take it for granted. We may be subject to negative emotions, but it’s possible to keep them under control, to cultivate a sense of emotional hygiene, on the basis of human values that are rooted in that affection - what I call secular ethics. - H.H. the Dalai LamaPatheos is currently inviting writers to submit "What D … [Read more...]

Buddhism: religion of the internet? Digitizing the word.

Lancaster on abc radio 2013

The Australian Broadcasting Company (ABC), has a couple podcasts and articles this week on this topic:Buddhism: made for the internet and Buddhism on the Move.The article surrounding the first begins: At the heart of Buddhism is a metaphor for interconnectedness: Indra’s net. The Vedic god’s net, which is supposed to hang over his palace on Mount Meru, is said to stretch to infinity. At each point where the threads cross sits a jewel that reflects all the other jewels, and like mi … [Read more...]

Buddha’s Middle Way on Technology


On Monday I had a wonderful evening at an event bringing academia and the community together, featuring none other than my wonderful girlfriend, Ms. Emily Rhodes (and four other speakers). The event was called "Whose street is it, anyway?" and it brought together the Bristol Faculty of Arts and the People's Republic of Stokes Croft (PRSC, check out their blog), a local neighborhood group fighting to bring control of their area back to the people.In terms of starting a much needed c … [Read more...]