The Future of Tibet


The Tibetan Center in Kingston, New York has announced an upcoming discussion of the six decades of human rights abuses in Tibet under Chinese occupation, the recent rise in protests (especially self-immolations), and the possibilities concerning the future of Tibet.Update (watch a recording of the event here):Upcoming Event! Live Internet Stream Link: The Future of Tibet Saturday, February 23, 2-4 pmBertelsmann Campus … [Read more...]

Tibet on Fire: a Resource for Activists and Educators

Tibet is burning

As those of you who read this blog know, I'm a strong supporter of Tibetan independence from China. Real autonomy, as advocated by H.H. the Dalai Lama, would be a welcome step, but in truth, the people of Tibet deserve the return of the country that was violently stolen from them just 60 years ago (between 1951 and 1959).The realities on the ground are incredibly complicated, as roughly 1/6 of the population of Tibetans has been wiped out under Chinese rule and millions of (mostly) Han … [Read more...]

Tibetan Language: more than you imagined

Tibetan languages - main

When many Western practitioners speak of learning Tibetan, they don't often realize that the Tibetan language is actually composed of a number of dialects and could even include different languages - some being Mongolic languages, Wutun (spoken by only an estimated 2000 people in the world today), Naxi, Minyak and Gyarong (no wiki), and Chinese dialects influenced heavily by local languages.The three main dialects are the Amdo, Kham, and U-Tsang dialects, representing the three main pol … [Read more...]

Global day of Solidarity for Tibet

Tibet - festival of lights

Today, December 10, is Global Human Rights Day. Activists around the world are reaching out and stepping up their efforts. And with over 100 self-immolations now in Tibet, this region, currently occupied by China, is a chief area of focus. The latest such immolation is a 16 year old girl in the Tibetan province of Amdo, currently ruled as China's northwestern province of Qinghai (click here for a map and pre-1959 history).According to news reports, China's only response has been to tighten i … [Read more...]

Palestine Today – Tibet Tomorrow?

Palestine Today - Tibet Tomorrow

This was the image posted today by the Tsampa Revolution facebook group. That group states its goals as being, in part: The goal and aims of this page is to provide news, information and updates about the ongoing situation in Tibet. Along with being a source of information, we want this space to provide Tibetan Freedom activists with online tools and tactics to amplify the message of Tibetans inside Tibet. Overshadowed in the UK by the Leveson Report and in the US by the 'fiscal cliff', the UN … [Read more...]

There has been an 82nd, an 83rd, an 84th and an 85th self-immolation inside occupied #Tibet. All today.

Tibet is burning

Such is the news from Joshua Eaton (website) today. Radio Free Asia states that "The burnings take place as Chinese authorities violently suppress a Tibetan student demonstration."And As I wrote just over a week ago: The news regarding Tibetan self-immolations speaks for itself:British Buddhist monk self-immolates at French monastery (Nov 16)Tibetan boy, 14, dies in self-immolation (Nov 15)2 Tibetans Dead After Self-Immolation Protests(Nov 15)China says 18-year-old Tibetan se … [Read more...]

Tibetan Sky Burial (photos)


See the (2014) updated version of this post here: Tibetan Sky Burial (photos) UPDATED: Propaganda vs ScholarshipA set of recently-posted Sky Burial pictures has recieved over half a million views in less than 24 hours. As a poignant reminder of the impermanence of this body, they're worth viewing.Click here for all of them (warning, some are graphic).And here are a couple videos to give the context: … [Read more...]

Buddhism or Buddhisms? The Hegemony of Postmodern Rhetoric


My studies of Buddhism have always been with a philosophical bent. My first academic conference paper was titled, "The Use and Abuse of Ontology in Buddhist Philosophy of Mind," trying to trace the history of how Buddhists have understood the connection between mind and body, and how Westerners have labeled those understandings. I think I covered everything from the Pali texts to Merleau-Ponty and John Searle. It was a mess, but a fun one.More recently I've looked at the categories … [Read more...]