There has been an 82nd, an 83rd, an 84th and an 85th self-immolation inside occupied #Tibet. All today.

Tibet is burning

Such is the news from Joshua Eaton (website) today. Radio Free Asia states that "The burnings take place as Chinese authorities violently suppress a Tibetan student demonstration."And As I wrote just over a week ago: The news regarding Tibetan self-immolations speaks for itself:British Buddhist monk self-immolates at French monastery (Nov 16)Tibetan boy, 14, dies in self-immolation (Nov 15)2 Tibetans Dead After Self-Immolation Protests(Nov 15)China says 18-year-old Tibetan se … [Read more...]

Tibetan Sky Burial (photos)


See the (2014) updated version of this post here: Tibetan Sky Burial (photos) UPDATED: Propaganda vs ScholarshipA set of recently-posted Sky Burial pictures has recieved over half a million views in less than 24 hours. As a poignant reminder of the impermanence of this body, they're worth viewing.Click here for all of them (warning, some are graphic).And here are a couple videos to give the context: … [Read more...]

Buddhism or Buddhisms? The Hegemony of Postmodern Rhetoric


My studies of Buddhism have always been with a philosophical bent. My first academic conference paper was titled, "The Use and Abuse of Ontology in Buddhist Philosophy of Mind," trying to trace the history of how Buddhists have understood the connection between mind and body, and how Westerners have labeled those understandings. I think I covered everything from the Pali texts to Merleau-Ponty and John Searle. It was a mess, but a fun one.More recently I've looked at the categories … [Read more...]

On Eve of the Olympics, China Rolls out new Tibet Propaganda

Telegraph: Tibet is a better place

Yesterday, England's newspaper The Telegraph (nicknamed the "Tory-graph" after the country's conservative political party to which it caters) ran a piece of pure Chinese propaganda.The piece (one could hardly call it an article) is by Liu Xiaoming, the Chinese ambassador to Britain, and was featured just a day before the Olympic Games Opening Ceremony (tonight). Amazingly, Liu claims that: Today, Tibetan people are masters of the Tibet Autonomous Region. They no longer have to worry about … [Read more...]

Digital Dharma on Kickstarter

Digital Dharma kickstarter campaign

UPDATE, 3:30am EST Jan 22: With just over 8 hours to go, the goal of 30,000 has been reached. The project will be funded and the movie completed!Update, 7pm EST Jan 21: Just 17 hours to go and now less than $3000 short of the goal.There are literally just hours left if you would like to help fund a movie about E. Gene Smith, the man devoted his life to the study of Buddhism and who brought us the Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center, an invaluable site for scholars and practitioners … [Read more...]

Tibetan Buddhism: Two more immolations, two more museums

Tibetan Monks at the Bodhi Tree, Bodh Gaya, India

"As long as they aren't waging war, the rest of the world just ignores what's  going on in post-occupied Tibet."These were the sentiments of one scholar who recently posted yet another link to a news story discussing self-immolations in Tibet.Robert Thurman last month passed on the news that the self-immolation of Tibetan Monks reached the top of TIME magazine's list of underreported stories of 2011. The image below, from the Telegraph, provides just a tiny glimpse into the conditions … [Read more...]