Buddhist Ethics for an Age of Technological Change

Love (of technology) - flickr C.C. via https://www.flickr.com/photos/streetmatt/15851429459/in/photolist-q9JHHV-zEuNT-7vUb5p-4XaZuB-t1UBo-4v572g-6rtuia-5zAruA-dZE3LC-8qq2tS-rjHT6L-Ry1qd-o1eK7M-dqBXrD-7JoDj-7aaDP9-dV2F84-8KvuR-7ENXBZ-9yJX7H-dGFJ4M-nK7kRW-96xajV-bLHrwi-4DWxXR-asGg7J-8mqTuM-7aeJwV-aX6FZk-a9JWYb-4Xo8u9-iswbBn-4PEpKr-7aeocB-555QaA-4wk9TF-7af57R-bBU4Xt-bN4mme-bN4kTe-bN4hjX-bN48zc-bz9qB1-bz9mJW-9pNWFZ-bz9iVj-bN3XKB-bN3X1M-bz9fXw-bz98Fo

A guest post by Doug Smith:We live at the apex of a long era of revolutionary change, with deep roots in history. This change has accelerated over the past centuries due to the technologies gained from empirical and scientific investigation.Our change stems from a process of increasing knowledge of our world, leading to an increasing effectiveness with which we manipulate it to suit our wishes. Perhaps the biggest evidence of this change is the precipitous growth in human population, … [Read more...]

Dalai Lama’s ‘Sexist’ Snafu?

Tenzin Gyatso - 14th Dalai Lama

Over the weekend, the Dalai Lama spoke about his prospects for reincarnation, telling the UK's Sunday Times that he may come back as a “mischievous blonde woman" adding that “then her face must be very attractive” or “nobody pay much attention.”Fellow Patheos writer Elizabeth Scalia responds: Got that? The Dalai Lama says if a woman isn’t pretty, no one will pay attention to her. Her looks are her passport to credibility. And no one is screaming of fainting about it. This on her Catholi … [Read more...]

U.S. Campaign for Burma calls on Obama to help the Rohingya


Is Myanmar approaching genocide?This was the question, and in fact the headline haunting my google news feed for much of the month of May. A report from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum suggests that it very well might be (you can read the full report here). It has been over a year since I have written about the Rohingya people of Burma. But that is not because they have seen improving conditions. In fact, things have deteriorated dramatically for many there, living in guarded enca … [Read more...]

Bhikkhu Bodhi on mindfulness, ethics, responsibility and justice with angel Kyodo williams

AngelKyodoWilliams and BhikkhuBodhi

Mindfulness is the "pop-tune of the 21st Century." So suggests Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi with a smile in an interview published today with Ven. angel Kyodo williams. He continues by praising mindfulness teaching insofar as it is helping people but he worries that mindfulness is perhaps being taught only to make workers more productive or soldiers better combatants.williams responds, suggesting that he means that a Buddhist ethical framework is missing and is really needed for mindfulness to reach … [Read more...]

Buddhist mindfulness, morality, and Protestant presumptions

Achahn Chuen meditation; on a beach near Traverse City, MI (photo by Brian Ambrozy, flickr C.C.)

In case you've been living under a rock, mindfulness is all the rage these days. Since January I have filed away nearly every story on or popular mention of 'mindfulness' that crossed my path. At current, I'm at 43 links and I'm certain it's just a drop in the bucket of what's out there. I have a lawyer in Florida explaining "Mindfulness: What it is and how it helps" a Cosmopolitan article explaining (above a picture of Jennifer Aniston): Jo Usmar, Cosmo's ex-Sex and the Not So Single Girl, has … [Read more...]

At least one dead in Tibet and dozens more in Nepal after new earthquake [Video]


A second major earthquake, measuring 7.3 on the Richter scale, has struck Nepal. This one hit roughly 50 miles west of Kathmandu, halfway between there and Mt Everest, just south of the border with Tibet. Chinese news agencies have reported one death in Tibet, adding to the 26 killed in last month's 7.8 magnitude quake. CNN reports that at least 66 people have died in Nepal as a result of today's quake. Additionally, an American helicopter has been reported missing after flying a rescue mission … [Read more...]

Remembering Kindness: Happy (all) Mothers Day

yum chenmo, great mother

Throughout the day I've seen messages of gratitude, comfort, and joy, as well as discontent, despair, and derision. All over a holiday dedicated to mothers.Granted, these feelings all come from authentic experiences and true hearts. Yet the effort to expand our celebration of motherhood seems to me far wiser than either blindly praising an exclusive 'in-crowd' of nuclear families, an ideal of a bygone era, or turning one's back on it all.Today at the Unitarian Universalist fellowship I at … [Read more...]

An Update from Buddhists working on the ground in Nepal

tarke gyang nepal earthquake destruction

The situation in Nepal is still desperate. Aid and relief efforts have reached Kathmandu, though more is still needed there and many isolated villages still have seen no supplies or medical help. The Government is ill-prepared for such a disaster and is known for corruption. And while the first reaction of many is to turn to international NGOs, specifically those with disaster training and expertise (see the recent post on 5 ways to help victims of the Nepal earthquake; which has now been shared … [Read more...]