4 Myths about Meditation

As mindfulness continues its spread across the Western world, along with it has come a myriad of myths and misunderstandings.Here are some of the most common myths, dispelled, for those interested in mindfulness practice.Meditation is about clearing the mind of thoughts. This is probably the widest and most pernicious myth around meditation. After a very long time meditating, it might be possible that some period of time, maybe just a few seconds, is free of thoughts. For days, we … [Read more...]

60 Years of the Indian Buddhist Revival

A guest post by David Viradhamma Creighton On October 11, 1956 the leader of India’s “untouchable” community stood before 400,000 of his followers in the city of Nagpur and led them in a mass conversion to Buddhism.  Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar had tried for decades to reform Indian society and end caste discrimination using legal and political tools, but he had come to the conclusion that the only hope for his oppressed people was to embrace a religion that denied caste and celebrated personal freedom … [Read more...]

With 108 Years since their last title, the Cubs become Buddhism’s team

While much of Buddhist thought and practice is devoted to inner cultivation based on strong ethical foundations and the goal of perfect realization of impermanence, non-self, and the nature of suffering; some Buddhists surely still find a little time to take in a baseball game or two.And with this year marking 108 seasons exactly since the last time the Chicago Cubs won an MLB championship, Buddhists might be forgiven for thinking there is something special in store for the Cubbies this … [Read more...]

What is Attention? Can Mindfulness Help? See “The Science of Meditation” Summit

I am fortunate enough to have a tiny bit of spare time now to tune in to Shambhala Mountain's wonderful summit on "The Science of Meditation" with presenters ranging from the wonderful Susan Piver to Patheos contributor Rick Hansen and a list of the who's who of meditation, mindfulness, and Buddhism research and practice. If I understand correctly, the videos from every day will be up and available to the public for two full days, so the one below, for instance, will still be available until … [Read more...]

Why it’s important never to be too attached to Buddhism

A Guest-post By Tom Clements When I first discovered Buddhism, I was severely depressed and was looking for a way out of the squalid depths of misery and despair an illness like depression inflicts on an individual. Following the dharmic path enabled me to become more altruistic, compassionate and made falling into destructive patterns of routine self-absorption impossible. When you delight in making others happy and shift your focus to others, it really is difficult to be bitter and cynical. … [Read more...]

False: The Dalai Lama did *not* compare Donald Trump to Hitler

On Friday the website Religiousmind.com published a story claiming that "Dalai Lama Says Trump is a Threat to Humanity, Says He Is Worse Than Hitler."In the story the Dalai Lama is quoted as saying that "I see another Hitler in the making... If American people vote for Trump, it will be the end of great American civilization."The quotes claim to come from the Dalai Lama's recent teachings in Zurich, Switzerland.However, no such comments were made. Some further searching of google … [Read more...]

“Qualifications, policies, intelligence, and pant suits”: Buddhist Political Preferences (Reader poll, October reporting)

Another month, another survey of readers on political preferences in the 2017 US Presidential race. This month the poll of 91 (self-selected, online, non-randomized) respondents swung strongly toward Clinton, the vast majority of those giving their preference even before the Oct. 7 tape of Donald Trump discussing sexual assault was released.Last month, in contrast, Clinton was supported by only 49.4% of respondents and Stein drew 23.6% with Johnson also getting 12.9% (Trump was under 7% t … [Read more...]

Thich Nhat Hanh 90th birthday photo

The beloved Vietnamese Zen teacher Thich Nhat Hanh turned 90 yesterday. He has been living peacefully at his retreat center in the south of France after a stroke nearly two years ago set off a long and steady period of recovery, partially spent in the care of expert physicians in the US.All has been quiet from Thich Nhat Hanh and his students in France in recent months, but yesterday this photo of him enjoying a meal surrounded by friends circulated on Reddit.As one commenter there … [Read more...]