Proposals sought in Buddhist Studies and other fields for Bristol Postgraduate Conference

Paper proposals are being accepted for the Twentieth Annual Postgraduate Conference for Religion and Theology (13-14 March, 2015). Located in beautiful Bristol, England, the University of Bristol Theology and Religious Studies department provides the perfect venue for postgraduates along with some undergraduates and early career academics to present their work before a diverse, thoughtful, and supportive audience. In past years, presenters have come from around the world to take part in this, t … [Read more...]

Community Organizing

Sometimes the events in the news get to be too much. I have been torn recently between my sympathies for my Syrian housemate and the many cries for help from that country and the views of my mostly-pacifist-American base of friends and colleagues.I am tempted to retreat - and in fact I must retreat sometimes just to do the work I must do: teaching, reading, writing, all of which becomes a struggle, and evermore a seemingly small struggle in the face of the struggles of 20+ million people in … [Read more...]