Dhammananda Bhikkhuni and Thailand’s “secret” Buddhist Nuns

ven molini and ven dhamma vijaya with the author in bodh gaya 2010

Danny Fisher has already shared this short documentary looking inside Thailand's only all-female monastery but I came across it again today and found it worth re-sharing. As Danny notes from the website Dharma Documentaries: This is a short but informative and positive look at the current state of bhikkhunis in Thailand with interviews with people on both sides of the debate.The documentary is made as part of the Secret Tribes series which is fronted by Malaysian presenter Ezra Zaid... The … [Read more...]

A Little Buddhist Feminism

Burmese nuns on alms rounds, Burma 2011

Volumes have been written over the past few decades on Buddhism and Feminism, much of it by feminists in the West pushing Buddhism to live up to its egalitarian values in opposition to its often chauvinistic institutions. See below for a short list of recommended books.The work of Buddhist feminists, which should be all of us, still has a long way to go. But anyone who thinks that this is a wholly new development has some catching up to do. The Buddha did create the world's first female m … [Read more...]