In Syria, no bombing for now – at least from the outside

Like many of you, I am relieved to hear President Obama's decision to wait for Congressional approval before attacking Syria.First, it respects the international rule of law Second, it respects the will of the American people Third, it gives time for possible coalition building or peace negotiations with AssadOn the first point, this highlights the importance of the UN, even in the face of  vetoes by a recalcitrant Russia and China. Britain's House of Commons recently voted narrowly … [Read more...]

Ethnicity, Ideologies, and the unraveling of modern Burma

This Thursday marks the 25th anniversary of the 8/8/88 uprising in Burma, which will hopefully spur some much needed discussion about the situation in the country (officially renamed Myanmar by the military junta in 1989, but still called Burma by those who deny the legitimacy of that government).Three articles have already popped up in the last few days that deserve mention, if only for the varying perspectives in them - all dealing specifically with recent Buddhist-Muslim violence. The … [Read more...]