Coursera’s Buddhism and Modern Psychology : week three

I'm a bit later than usual posting on week 3 (week 4 lectures have just been posted). Such is life. Part of the reason is that the topic this week was "not-self"(anātman in Sanskrit, anattā in Pāli) in Buddhism and in Modern Psychology, which I am not terribly interested in writing more about at this time.I've written extensively about the topic here, here (on metaphysics),here (comparing with Sartre), and here; along with guest posts at Danny Fisher's blog and (around the topic of purific … [Read more...]

Philosophy: Wrestling with Sartre on the self

This may be part of a series of posts dealing with the Buddhist relationship with French Existentialist Jean-Paul Sartre. My last post on him was "Life: Existential Reflections (solipsistic brooding?)", and an earlier one, "Buddhism: learning via enigma" introduced a great book that I'll be reading over the next couple months. Today I want to interrogate Sartre's notion of selfhood (as well as I know it) and see how it fits with the Buddhist concept of anatta (not-self). For a quick primer on … [Read more...]