False: The Dalai Lama did *not* compare Donald Trump to Hitler

On Friday the website Religiousmind.com published a story claiming that "Dalai Lama Says Trump is a Threat to Humanity, Says He Is Worse Than Hitler."In the story the Dalai Lama is quoted as saying that "I see another Hitler in the making... If American people vote for Trump, it will be the end of great American civilization."The quotes claim to come from the Dalai Lama's recent teachings in Zurich, Switzerland.However, no such comments were made. Some further searching of google … [Read more...]

“Qualifications, policies, intelligence, and pant suits”: Buddhist Political Preferences (Reader poll, October reporting)

Another month, another survey of readers on political preferences in the 2017 US Presidential race. This month the poll of 91 (self-selected, online, non-randomized) respondents swung strongly toward Clinton, the vast majority of those giving their preference even before the Oct. 7 tape of Donald Trump discussing sexual assault was released.Last month, in contrast, Clinton was supported by only 49.4% of respondents and Stein drew 23.6% with Johnson also getting 12.9% (Trump was under 7% t … [Read more...]

The Buddha intervenes in a Political Dispute thinking “it is my duty…”

Today's Daily Buddha Vaccana from the Digital Pali Reader contains a poignant tale, taken from the commentary to the Dhammapada, in particular the chapter on happiness. There, the Buddha literally thinks, "it is my duty to go" deal with disputing parties.*Add to that some good humorous attacks, one group calling the other "lepers" and "those who have slept with their sisters" and the other calling their opponents "brats" and saying they live up in trees. Fairly tame by current political … [Read more...]

Defeating a Demagogue: Donald Trump, Stephen Colbert, and some Buddhist thought on Politics

Buddhist teacher Ethan Nichtern has an excellent article over at Lion's Roar, a handy "guide" to the current US election. It is a guide indeed, as it gives more than a simple single command or opinion. It takes readers through six options, taking into consideration that swing state voters have different roles and obligations in the election. These options, in brief, are:Vote for Hillary Clinton Vote for Donald Trump by staying home (in a swing state) Vote for Donald Trump by voting for … [Read more...]

Buddhist Politics: A Reader Survey (October)

With just over a month to go, this will be the second to last of our reader surveys on Buddhist political preferences. This poll will take in possible responses from the first Presidential debate, held Monday, September 27. It also follows a number of major newspaper endorsements for Hillary Clinton and none (that I know of) so far for Donald Trump. One recent Clinton endorsement comes from the Arizona Republic, which has previously "never endorsed a Democrat over a Republican for pr … [Read more...]

Buddhist Political Preferences (Reader poll, September reporting)

This month our numbers are up a bit, with 178 (self-selected, online, non-randomized) respondents answering questions about their political preferences in the upcoming US Presidential race. Once again, they roughly matched demographically with previous months’ polls, so we’ll again jump right to the question of which candidate each respondent most supported:This marks a small down-turn for Clinton, who last month had nearly 55% support.This dip matches a number of polls that showe … [Read more...]

Buddhist Politics: A Reader Survey (September)

It's time once again for our monthly survey of Buddhist political affiliations. It has been a... well... interesting month following the conventions - which I mostly missed as I was in China at the time. Clinton received a solid post-convention boost in most polls, getting into double-digit leads at times over the struggling Trump who was snubbed by one of his own convention speakers, former rival Ted Cruz. Since then, a number of Republicans have come out against Trump, so many, in fact, that … [Read more...]

Buddhist Political Preferences (Reader poll, July-Aug reporting)

Last month I was too busy teaching, traveling, and doing a bit of meditation in China to write a report on the June-July readers survey of political preferences. In fact, I was a bit lax in publicizing the poll as well, which I think played a roll in the marked downturn in responses. With just 107 (self-selected, online, non-randomized) respondents and demographics roughly matching previous months' polls, we'll jump right to the question of which candidate each respondent most … [Read more...]